How Easy Is It To Install A Spoiler Myself?

Rear spoilers are one of the flashiest yet cost-effective exterior additions you can make to your ride. The right spoiler will transform a plain-Jane family car into a sports sedan, and upgrade a sporty car into a one-of-a-kind race machine.


The vast majority of spoilers we sell are designed to be installed by the average Joe. By all means, if the idea of permanently mounting a body part to your new $35,000 barge gives you the shakes, then please hire a professional. But even if you don’t work on your car with any regularity, we encourage you to read through this article and give consideration to doing this yourself.

Most likely, the biggest decision (aside from spoiler design) will be whether to get a “no drill” or “drilling required” piece. The “no drill” spoilers are installed using automotive-grade adhesive tape. Cleanliness is of utmost importance to ensure the item will remain securely in place. (Most flush-mounted or “lip” spoilers mount with adhesive.) If drilling doesn’t scare you away, then the “bolt on” spoilers will remain within your consideration. (Please know that almost any spoiler which sits on pedestals, several inches above the trunk lid, will require drilling.)

A final note before we get specific: the instructions below are general in nature, and are designed to increase your comfort level with doing the job on your own. Always defer to the instructions included with your specific spoiler.