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Why inspection tools are very important for high-precision products?




Simple gages such as angle gauges, bore gages, chamfer gages, depth gage calipers, gage balls and blocks, height gauges and accessories, hole gages, micrometers, and more. Blocks, calipers and accessories, coating measurement, drafting, electrical testing, hardness testers, indicators, levels, are all.

As a professional manufacturer of carbon fiber products, we suggest inspection tools are necessary. Most suppliers in china trim and polish carbon parts by hand, CNC trimming, and inspection tools are only used for OE and brand parts in top degree manufacture.

What happened if without inspection tools? Please see these pics

Therefore, when we develop products for customers,  to ensure the consistency of product quality without the influence of manual grinding we will provide customers with a complete set of mold solutions, including inspection tools.

And the products produced by the inspection tools are like this