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What types of molds are available for pre-preg dry carbon


There is a customer who wants to make the front lip in dry carbon, but the quantity is only 30sets, the customer wants to make high-quality dry carbon products with the lowest cost of molds.

In a normal way, the customer would be required with a stainless steel metal tool, but this kind of grinding tool is very expensive, a small part is less than $20,000, bigger one more than $100,000, obviously, this will do not be suitable for the small quantity.

After years of research, a material called high-temperature and high-pressure resistant value has emerged in the market, which is higher than the ordinary epoxy resin mold but much lower than steel molds, so it is used for small quantities, but this material also has certain disadvantages.



1) High-temperature epoxy resin mold: because it still belongs to the category of resin, so after entering the hot press tank after high temperature and pressure molding, it is easy to deform.

This requires a strict inspection of the product size and repair of the molds with small defects after entering into the autoclave. which will delay the product delivery after repairing the molds.

Such molds can resist to high temperatures of 120 degrees, rather than stainless steel 180 degrees or higher, which will have a certain impact on the hardness of the product, but if it is not a structural function of the product, the hardness can also meet the standard

So if you are not so important on delivery time and product hardness, and the quantity is low, this high-temperature resin mold is the only choice for dry carbon products.

2)Aluminum(suitable for smaller high-precision products),

Precision requirements are not very high, such as some exterior parts, and suitable for compression mold machine and autoclave
but it is easy to have a rolled edge, as shown in the picture, aluminum is soft which can not resist big high pressure, which will cause rolled edge as pic

And the intact aluminum mold looks like this

3)Steel mold: which can fit for any machine, without any problem for defects and a long lifetime without rolled edge because of the steel is very hard which can resist the high temperature and high pressure but the price is twice higher than aluminum 

Sumary: Jcsportline R&D team researched more than 10 years for value assessment based on customer orders and provide the best solution for them.