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Why are prepreg materials used to manufacture car parts?


  For carbon fiber products, prepreg is a very commonly used intermediate material. Whether the final product can exert the excellent mechanical properties of carbon fiber, the prepreg plays a role in connecting the past and the next.
A good prepreg must first meet the performance requirements, and secondly, it should be a work of art in the minds of the producer, both industrial and aesthetic.
The pre-feeding cloth surface should be flat, without wrinkles, bubbling and white spots, and the fiber arrangement should be smooth, without stacking or bending.

The manufacturing process known as 'hand layup' involves manually laying down individual layers or 'plies' of a form of reinforcement known as 'prepreg'. This consists of thousands of fibers, which are pre-impregnated with resin and bundled into tows and arranged either in a single unidirectional ply or woven together.
Now we heat the mold to 50℃, and paste the prepreg material in strict accordance with the operation instructions, including thickness, weight, grain direction, etc.