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Celebrate the Spring Festival


In 2021, the Chinese year symbol is Ox. The Ox is a symbol of "production", "richness" and "industriousness." In addition, since the homophony of the Ox is similar to the twist of "turn the world", so it also means the year of Ox will turn the situation around and bring good luck.
JC Sportline will celebrate the 2021 Chinese Spring Festival from Feb. 11th to 17th, 2021.
During the holiday, you're free to place orders. All the inquiries and orders placed during these days will be processed and replied as soon as we can.
It was full of sorrow and chaos during 2020, but anyhow we fought till the end and with full of strength to welcome the new year, the new start.
Thanks to all of our friends and customers for your support like always, no matter of ups and downs.
2021, hope it would be surrounded by health and love. ❤️